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BMW One Account

Registration Platform 

BWM One account is one registration platform that let users connect to any platform or website of BMW with one login and one account, our Role was to create a convenient user experience and friendly interface for BMW customers with an emotional design.

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UI/UX Designer


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User Flow

Site Map

Emotional Design

we create a nice Welcome page with auto slide animation that explain the whole different platforms of BMW that you can access with only one account

Quick Registration Process

Our Challenge was that we want  to create the best user experience possible and make the registration quick as much as possible and in the other hand respect BMW rules.

so we create two option of registration a very quick one that user can register with an One-time password and create his password later , and the second way registration with password but with the less interaction possible from the user , and then he can continue his profile later

Responsive Design

The ideal Design , here, is to have one platform that fits all different devices

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