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Gaggenau digital showroom


Gaggenau’s new digital environment will be a shift from an internet in which information is the basic unit of currency, to one in which experiences are.


The user experience will feature a sensorial approach for a long lasting brand experience.


Intuitive, interactive, immersive: the creation of the mobile website is the opportunity to break the boundaries between the brand experience and the consumer: the Art of Extraordinariness is now at your fingertips (on a mobile phone and iPad with the possibility to extend it on a desktop).

Client / 


Role / ​

UI/UX Designer



Agency / 



Year / 


Boost Experience

  • Creatively adapt Gaggenau’s design language suitable for China.

  • Create a design with higher interaction/engagement.

  • From clicks to swipe, tap or press.

  • Adding Micro-interactions (these small design moments that keep users engaged, create unexpected delight and are almost invisible to everyone but the designer)

Create a dialogue

  • Initialise an engaging user-flow and language.

  • Offer instant feedback, contact and service options. (Chinese customers aren't going to pick up the phone to call you./ Never put your customers on hold again)


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